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TC Infrastructure

Penitentiary and Probation Training Centre Infrastructure includes:


· Classrooms

· Electronic Testing Classrooms


· Conference room


· Library


· Simulated prison cells


· Laser shooting range


· Sports halls


· Open training complex


· Football and basketball mini stadium


· Residential Complex


· Recreation room


· Dining room


· Square




Training sessions are conducted in the high standard classrooms. It is possible to conduct trainings for 125 participants in the 5 classrooms of PPTC simultaneously.


Testing Classrooms

Special software for electronic testing was developed for PPTC. This method minimizes the risk of subjectivity. It is possible to arrange testing for 54 participants in 2 testing classrooms that are equipped with computers and relevant software. These electronic testing classrooms are also available for computer skills trainings.


Simulated prison cells

Simulation prison cells are designed for practical exercises, where participants master techniques of inspecting and searching of a prison cell (theory and practice); Practical activities are recorded by a video camera installed within the cell for further discussions.


PPTC library is equipped with more than 7000 Georgian, English and Russian-language textbooks related to the penitentiary and probation field. These books are available for trainers and trainees during the training sessions.


Dining room

There is a dining room, a kitchen and a coffee room at PPTC, where training participants are provided with daily meals.


Residential Complex

Residential complex is convenient for those trainees who come from different regions of Georgia. The complex can simultaneously accommodate 36 participants. A recreation room, a square, sports halls and an open training complex are also available for participants in their leisure time.


Sports halls / stadiums / Laser shooting range

In order to improve physical and tactical preparation level of the training participants, three sports halls (two of them with fitness equipment), a football and basketball mini stadium, an open training complex and a laser shooting range are available at PPTC.