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The aims and goals of PPTC are as follows:

• To promote the implementation of ongoing criminal justice system reform within the system of the Ministry of Corrections and Legal Assistance of Georgia (MCLA)

• To provide trainings, retraining and professional development programs for personnel employed for and/or for persons willing to be employed for the system of  MCLA 

The main functions of PPTC are as follows:

• Development of training curricula for trainees;

• Professional development of personnel working for and/or willing to be employed for MCLA system;

• Holding of test exams for participants to trainings;

• Establishment a pool of trainers and coordination of their activities;

• Holding of trainings for trainers on a regular basis with participation of international experts, as well as on a basis of study tours abroad at partner training institutions;

• Development and publication of methodological and other kind of theoretical work-related literature;

• Translation and publication of foreign literature work-related to MCLA areas;

• Updating and proper functioning of the PPTC Library;

• Cooperation with agencies within the jurisdiction of the MCLA in the area of professional development, as well as development of appropriate training curricula; 

• Establishment of cooperative relations with similar training institutions abroad, NGO sector and international organizations;

• Implementation of other legally permitted activities promoting and contributing to the achievement of main goals of PPTC.